I recently came across a brochure from the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance, and it had some interesting facts and figures I thought I’d share with you.

Spray foam roofing leads the charge in energy efficiency

Environmental awareness and the bottom line don’t need to be at odds. Building managers and roofing contractors are looking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also to keep energy costs low. The solution is energy efficiency, and spray foam roofing is a great way to ensure it!

Spray foam roofs and solar panels go hand in hand, both generating energy and saving it. Spray foam roofing and insulation is also an ideal way to achieve a Zero Net Energy building.

Blog by Cozifoam Roof Armor Systems Corp.

When tech giant LinkedIn wanted to build a Zero Net Energy building, they knew spray foam roofing was the solution. This SPF roof was applied by Central Coating Company, Madera, CA.

Spray foam solves problems like no other roofing solution

Because spray foam roofing is a seamless, continuous layer, it can be applied over any type of existing roofing—including roofs with unusual shapes or configurations. If your roof has penetrations (like solar panels) deck-mounted equipment (as in an industrial facility) or other protrusions, our spray foam roofing can easily be applied around these, while ensuring that water and wind stay out.

Blog by Cozifoam Roof Armor Systems Corp.

Unusual roofing at Sonoma State University (top) and industrial roofing at Bon Air Shopping Centre (bottom), both executed by Wedge Roofing in Petaluma, CA.

If removing your existing roof is inconvenient—for reasons of cost, waste, or interruption to your business—our spray foam can simply be applied over top. No waste, no problem!

Just how tough is a spray foam roof?

Spray foam roofing is designed to withstand extreme weather. Research has shown that spray foam roofs keep moisture out, have a high resistance to wind, and protect roofs from hail as well as debris caused by high winds. With the proper care and maintenance, a spray foam roof can last up to 40 years.

Blog by Cozifoam Roof Armor Systems Corp.

The spray foam roof of the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, MS has survived 12 hurricanes since 1979! These are only some of the advantages of spray foam roofing. Find out more here, and if you’re curious to know more, don’t be shy to check out our FAQs!

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