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In addition to installing new spray foam roofs, Cozifoam also repairs and refurbishes existing spray foam roofing. While spray foam roofing is the most cost-effective in the long term, the most durable, and the most environmentally responsible form of roofing for flat roof industrial and commercial buildings, older installations may have some issues that Cozifoam can repair.

Older spray foam roofs typically have two problems: they’ve been neglected over time, and almost universally, they’ve had an inferior-quality coating applied over top. Cozifoam applies a unique geomembrane—essentially a high-quality, durable and strengthening fabric—on top of the existing foam before adding our own foam coating.

When old spray foam roofs are neglected and the coating starts to break down, sunlight begins to attack the spray foam itself. UV rays from the sun will break down spray foam at the rate of about ⅛ inch a year. So as the spray foam degrades, it becomes porous, and breaks down in particles, giving moisture and dirt a place to lodge in the broken-down surface and further hastening the breakdown.

Our unique geomembrane keeps the new spray foam separate from the old spray foam to the greatest extent possible, ensuring that impurities that are trapped in older spray foam are separate from the new coating.

While other roofing installers simply clean the old foam, the impurities from the old foam simply transfer into the new coating and cause imperfections. They keep the new foam from sticking, and can cause tiny holes, where water can penetrate below the membrane layer.

Our geomembrane and new coat of foam ensure that the problems with the old foam don’t reach into the new foam, because they’re separated by that geomembrane. The coating adheres well, without imperfections.

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