If you own a flat roof building in Alberta—commercial or industrial—spring is the best time to renew or replace your roofing system. The melting snow and variable temperatures that come with spring can quickly turn minor problems into major headaches. To avoid these problems, it’s important to get a professional to update your roofing system. The sooner you can do it, the better.

Polyurethane spray foam is our roofing solution of choice because it provides insulation and durability superior to the alternatives, reduces operating costs, and is environmentally friendly. We’re so confident of our product that it comes with a no-nonsense if-it-leaks-we’ll-fix-it 15-year warranty. There simply isn’t a better solution—or promise—available.

The trouble with spring

Look, we love spring. But when it comes to flat and low slope roofs, spring can spell trouble. A typical Alberta winter will deposit a lot of snow on a flat roof. As soon as spring arrives, all that snow goes through a cycle of melting and refreezing. This is where the problems start. When snow on a flat roof melts during the warm spring days, the water works its way into the seams and screw holes of the building’s roof. And when the temperatures dip at night, that same water refreezes and expands. The result is ever-growing cracks and fissures in your roofing system—followed by the inevitable leaks.

The Cozifoam solution

Spray foam insulation can make this kind of scenario a thing of the past. Unlike traditional roofing systems, spray foam roofing can be applied in multiple layers and at varying thicknesses to support better drainage on flat or slightly-pitched surfaces. By applying the foam strategically to facilitate drainage on your flat roof, the risk of leaks during spring thaw is greatly reduced.

If that wasn’t enough, as it expands the polyurethane foam we use fills in gaps, cracks, and uneven areas on the roof. This means that all those seams and fissures that make your roof susceptible to leaks and water damage in the first place are no longer even open to the elements.

Want more? What will really protect your roof from the disasters of spring weather is the polymer membrane that is applied on top of the foam. The membrane we apply is thick and impermeable, waterproofing the entire roof and protecting it from severe weather all year round—not just Alberta’s spring thaws but also its harsh winters. Because the polymer membrane is sprayed on as its own layer, it doesn’t have any seams or overlapping components. The roofing system we use is basically all-season armour for the most vulnerable part of your building.

No unnecessary moisture, no unnecessary costs

Spray foam offers excellent protection for your roof against the elements. Additionally, there are other reasons why it should be your first choice when looking to replace or repair your roof this spring. For one thing, spray foam provides superior insulation. The foam we use transfers almost no heat, which means it’s extremely effective as a thermal barrier. And the system is so good at plugging holes, gaps, and fissures that even air and moisture are trapped inside. The internal climate of a building with foam insulation is noticeably more comfortable.

Spray foam is also the most cost-effective solution. When all the costs are added up—not just installation, but the costs related to heating and cooling your building, as well as maintenance and refurbishment of the roof—a spray foam roof is often half the cost of torch-on or membrane systems and just one third of the cost of a tar and gravel roof.

Spray foam into the future

And from an environmental standpoint, a spray foam roofing system makes the most sense. The polymer membrane that protects your foam insulation has a life-expectancy of over 20 years—and we’re talking 20 years of Alberta sun, Alberta snow, and Alberta-everything-in-between! When it does come time to refresh your roof, a new membrane is simply reapplied over top of the old membrane. There is no actual removal of old material. This process eliminates multiple trips to the dump, which significantly lowers the cost of the project both economically and environmentally.

If your building is suffering from leaks this spring, or if it’s just reached the end of its life-cycle, hire an expert, and choose to have a spray foam roof system installed. And remember, that if you choose Cozifoam Roof Armor System, you’ll be covered by one of the most comprehensive roof warranties in the industry.

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