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Refurbishing camp roofs is a perplexing and expensive problem.

Patching EPDM is an endless process, as few products adhere durably to EPDM. Meanwhile, the leaks continue. Besides fire, moisture infiltration is the most destructive thing that can happen to a building. What’s long been needed is an innovative, durable, cost-effective method of refurbishing EPDM roofs! For camps in the area we serve, we’ve developed just that. Our system is lightweight, can be quickly installed and allows for the camp to be moved and reassembled without losing the roofing system! Our experienced master spray foam roofing specialist developed a method for installing a durable spray foam roofing system over an existing EPDM camp roof, sealing it from edge to edge!

Some of the benefits:

  • No need to remove existing roofing material or replace flashings.
  • Seamless spray-applied double-layer roofing system seals edge to edge.
  • Self-seals to flashings and penetrations
  • Added insulation (R10) provides greater comfort summer and winter.
  • Lower heating and cooling costs.
  • Easy repairs in case of mechanical damage.
  • Installs without removing rooftop HVAC units.

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