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A new roof is a major investment, so you owe it to yourself to exercise due diligence in hiring a roofing company. Sadly, many good spray foam insulators try to become spray foam roofers without the necessary training or experience. The results are almost always disastrous. Inadequate surface preparation, shoddy installation, inadequate equipment, and inappropriate materials have resulted in some spectacular roof system failures. Partly to blame are unscrupulous suppliers who push their insulation clients to take on roofing contracts just so they can make a sizeable material sale.

Avoid being ripped off

Don’t be the victim of a sub-par operation. Here’s what to do when looking for a pro:

  1. Find out how long they have been doing spray foam roofing, and how many square feet of roof they have done.
  2. Ask for references of the oldest roofs they’ve done. Then speak to the references; a company that’s satisfied with the work done should be happy to take a minute to talk to you.
  3. Ask to see a roof they have sprayed. If they balk, it’s likely because they have no roofs to show you or they aren’t proud of their work. It might seem like an odd request, but this is about building trust—if you’ve already had a bad experience once, here’s a way of knowing you’re avoiding another.

Trust your investment to highly trained, certified professionals

Look for a company with staff that have taken extensive training and passed the rigorous certification program offered by the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance. Your best bet is going with sprayers that have been examined by industry professionals with decades of experience and have proven their ability in actual field conditions.

Go with a company that offers a warranty

In this business, most clients come from referrals. (Satisfied clients are job security!) A quality company understands that their reputation for customer service is their most precious asset. We all know that things can sometimes go wrong, but if you have a problem with your roof, you want to know it will be taken care of it quickly and efficiently. Check out online testimonials from previous customers and request references. A company with happy customers should be more than happy to provide these—it’s absolutely part of the business.

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