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Torch-on roofing is a popular form of roofing material. It’s definitely the cheapest, but it comes with some serious limitations—especially in cold climates—that can cause it to break down prematurely.

Few people are aware, for example, that torch-on roofing materials are not truly waterproof or made for flat roofs! Most manufacturers warranty information states plainly that the manufacturer’s warranty is void if installed on a roof with less that a 1% slope!

Why? Torch-on roofing is allergic to water, and will break down in standing water. That means that any ponding water conditions, even in small areas around drains, voids your warranty. And honestly, what low slope roof will not have some standing water somewhere, some of the time? Roof failure: guaranteed!

Our Cozifoam polyurea coating, though, can even be used as a pond-liner! That means it can be submerged 365 days a year with absolutely no adverse effects! Isn’t that what you would hope for in a roofing material?

There are two main ways that torch-on roofing breaks down. The seams, that are heat-welded together, deteriorate over time. Even the tiniest pinhole can allow water to penetrate, then the freeze/thaw action of water will progressively jack the seam apart, causing leaks. With hundreds of feet of seams on even a small roof, the probability of failure is high.

Blog by Cozifoam Roof Armor Systems Corp.

Alternately, the roofing can begin losing granules (the small particles that make up the material), and the solvent in the asphalt component begins to break down.

Torch-on roofing is made of a combination of sawdust and modified asphalt, or tar. The tar component is waterproof, but when the tar breaks down, it turns back into sawdust, and is no longer waterproof.

Cozifoam can repair these kinds of roofs with one of two methods:

  • If the seams have degraded too much, Cozifoam adds a geomembrane, a type of landscaping fabric that has very good puncture resistance and is stretchy and flexible. The geomembrane is adhered to the top of the torch-on roof, then we apply our polyurea coating over the geotextile. The coating adheres to the flashing around the edges of your roof, HVAC curbs, sewer vents, roof drains, and any other penetrations in the roof.
  • If the torch-on roofing has not degraded to the point where the seams are coming apart, then Cozifoam is able to simply clean the roof of all debris and apply our polyurea coating directly to the existing roofing material, ensuring decades of water and weather-tight performance that outlasts all other types of roofing material.

Blog by Cozifoam Roof Armor Systems Corp.

In both cases, our spray-applied waterproof coating is completely seamless, absolutely monolithic from outside edge to outside edge of your roof and flashings.

With a Cozifoam roof, you’re guaranteed the best quality and longest-lasting roof for your building—but what about cost?

Cozifoam offers the following cost savings when choosing a spray-applied roof:

  • Lower labour costs: Because the spray foam completely seals over your existing roof, and around the existing edges, drains, HVAC and plumbing, it’s a lot less labour-intensive; you don’t have to tear off any old material before redoing your roof.
  • No replacement costs for old roofing:
    We’ll repair any aspects of your roof that need work, especially the flashing around the edges and your equipment, rather than have to replace it.
  • No landfill fees:
    As you’re not removing the old roof and carting it off to a landfill, you save yourself landfill fees, which can add thousands of dollars to the cost of your new roof.
  • Lower environmental costs: Not disposing of old roofing is easier on the environment. Cheaper “bargain” solutions might exist, but none offer the durability, value, or peace of mind of a Cozifoam Roof Armor Systems roofing solution with its 15-year warranty!

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