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Edmonton weather is tough on commercial flat roofs.

From scorching prairie summers to dry winters to damp springs, Edmonton building managers and owners know that small issues become big problems quickly if not dealt with.

If your business has a flat or low-slope roof, you need it to be durable, sustainable, and energy-efficient. That’s where Cozifoam comes in. We’re flat roofing contractors specializing in commercial flat roof repairs with spray foam roofing, and our 15-year warranty is the best in the industry.

Our spray foam roofing is the proven solution for repairing torch-on roofing, metal roof buildings, EPDM camp roofs, refurbishing existing spray foam roofs, tar and gravel roofs, and any other form of roofing that’s out there. Because spray foam is a seamless and continuous layer, it can be applied onto any kind of roof, over any penetrations or protrusions, while assuring complete protection from water, wind or debris.

Don’t take it from us— read about why experts, from Mike Holmes to NASA, agree that spray foam is the best insulation for your commercial roof.

Read more about why spray foam is the best system for your flat roof.

Cozifoam Roof Armor Systems Corp. offers Commercial Roofing services across Edmonton and the surrounding area.

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