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Cozifoam Roof Armor Systems Corp. offers Commercial and Industrial Roofing services across Edmonton and the surrounding area.

Below are some of the questions we get most regularly. We hope you find this helpful!

What exactly is a Cozifoam spray foam roofing system?

In a nutshell, it’s a layer of high-density industrial foam that’s sprayed onto a roof, and topped with a pure polyurea coating. It can be applied to virtually any substrate and on irregular or even vertical surfaces. It insulates very efficiently in addition to providing an extremely durable waterproof membrane. It replaces traditional and less efficient systems like tar & gravel and EPDM—in fact, it can often be applied right over top of your old roofing material. We call it roof armour—and we mean it. Please visit this page for detailed information about the spray foam process and benefits.

Can you walk on a Cozifoam spray foam roof?

Absolutely! In fact, you could even drive a car on it. The foam has a compressive strength of about 60 pounds per square inch. To put that in perspective, it means that a man’s bootprints (3.5”×11” x 2 boots x 60lbs/sq in) could support 4,620 pounds!

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Is it hail-resistant?

Extremely! The Cozifoam sprayfoam’s high compressive strength, coupled with the polyurea coating’s high elasticity (nearly 400%), make it virtually impervious to hail damage.

Cozifoam vs 4" Hailstones The Incredible Durability of Polyurea/Sprayfoam Roofing

What exactly is the insulating value?

The laboratory R-value assigned to spray foam is about R6 or 7 per inch, but that figure really doesn’t reflect how effective spray foam is as an insulator. As an example, take a fast-food foam coffee cup. The liquid inside the cup may be at 180°, yet you can comfortably hold it in your hand even though the foam is less than 1/8 of an inch thick. So what’s the R-value? Amazing, that’s what! All of our clients comment on how much warmer their buildings are in the winter, and how much cooler they are in the summer!

How durable is a spray foam roofing system?

A Cozifoam Roof Armor roofing system is one of the most durable roofing membranes available today! The key is our pure polyurea Roof Armor coating, and its proven performance record in excess of 25 years, with no seams to weaken or leak!

I heard birds can damage a spray foam roof. Is that true?

Yes, but it’s rare (less than 1 in 40 of our roofs have ever experienced bird damage). It’s even more rare (almost non-existent) with our present Cozifoam roofs. Read more about bird damage and how we can manage it here.

Can a spray foam roof be applied over shingles?

It can, although we prefer applying it over a more solid substrate.

There are two problems with applying spray foam roof over shingles.

The first is the fact that a spray foam roofing system tends to shrink slightly after application. A shingled roof tends to curl at the edges because of this slight shrinkage that is normal with any spray applied roofing system. To avoid this, we typically remove the shingles and apply our spray foam roofing system directly to the OSB or plywood substrate. The normal shrinkage causes no problems as the more solid substrate can easily handle it.

The second problem is appearance. Every spray foam roofing system will be slightly wavy in appearance, and if your roof is visible from a distance it could look a little odd. We have replaced many shingle roofs with spray foam, but typically the building is situated in a way that the roof is not visible from the street. A Cozifoam roofing system resolves problems that are common with low-slope cathedral ceilings like ice damming, condensation issues, and leaks.

What are common spray foam roofing problems?

We refurbish tens of thousands of square feet of failed spray foam roofs every year, and the problems always fall into one of three categories:

  1. Poor application techniques, because the installers were not properly trained or certified.
    Poorly trained installers can cause problems like:
    • ponding water issues because of uneven foam application
    • poorly sealed drains and scuppers
    • poor adhesion to flashings because of poor surface preparation
    • roof penetrations not sealed against extreme weather events
    • lack of overall adhesion due to poor surface preparation.
  2. Poor quality materials.
    We’ve found that some fly-by-night operators will use ordinary wall foam on a roof even though it is not recommended and won’t be as durable.
    Many spray foam roofing companies still use inferior quality products as their top coating, or coatings that are great in Arizona but useless in Canada. We have seen these coatings begin to break down in as little as three years. Sadly, neither the manufacturer nor the roofing company typically help out with these failures.
  3. No roof maintenance performed.
    In some cases, a spray foam roof was performing reasonably well, but then sustained damage through an extreme weather event, a careless HVAC technician, or even animals. Repairs weren’t done, and the damage got worse. We tend not to think about our roof until it leaks, but a roof needs maintenance like any other part of our building systems. (Read more about our roof maintenance agreements here.)
    Is there any good news in this scenario? Yes! Even a leaking spray foam roof can almost always be completely refurbished for much less than the cost of replacement with an alternative system. (Read more about our work repairing and refurbishing old spray foam roofing here.) And you won’t lose the insulating value of your existing spray foam!
What if my Cozifoam roof develops problems? What’s your warranty?

We are proud to say that we have one of the best and most comprehensive warranties in the roofing industry. We know that you hired us because you didn’t want your roof to leak again ever, and that’s what we want to deliver. Our 15-year, “no-nonsense, if-it-leaks-we’ll-fix-it” warranty means that we are not looking for excuses, we are looking for customer satisfaction. We “own” your roof for 15 years, and if it leaks, it’s our problem, not yours. We have lots of customer referrals to prove that what we say here is true.

Why have we adopted such a radical stand on our warranty? Not only because it reflects our company’s values of integrity and honesty, but also because it’s darn good business. We have had a few pretty spectacular roof failures, but because we took care of the problems quickly and completely, we have gained literally $100Ks of new business from referrals from those clients. And our staff is never ashamed to bump into them on the street!

How much does spray foam roof insulation cost?

A Cozifoam Roof Armor Systems spray foam roofing system is almost always less costly than an alternative membrane system with a similar life expectancy. Of course, you will always be able to find lowball roofing solutions that won’t last. But then you’re not comparing apples to apples.

How can a better quality, more durable roofing system be less costly? Here’s how:

  • Lower labour costs. Our systems usually don’t require the extensive and labour-intensive complete tear-off that other roof renewal systems require.
  • Lower replacement costs. A Cozifoam Roof Armor system allows us to re-use your existing flashings and roof penetrations (vents, stacks, curbs, etc.) which can save thousands!
  • Quicker, more foolproof application. A Cozifoam roofing system is self-flashing and self-sealing, meaning we don’t have miles and miles of seams to weld, check, and reseal.
What are the benefits of a Cozifoam Roof Armor Systems spray foam roof?

Wow! There are many! Where do we start?

  • Headache-free! Seamless, self-flashing from edge to edge! Can it get any better?!
  • Lower initial cost for a more durable, energy-efficient product.
  • Best warranty in the industry, with an excellent customer satisfaction record.
  • Easily repaired in case of damage.
  • Lower heating bills!
  • Lower cooling bills!
  • Easier to keep rental spaces occupied.
  • Easier on the environment with increased energy savings.
  • Future savings on end of life renewal – simply recoat!
  • Easier on landfills – no tear-off required now OR EVER!

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