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Posted by Cozifoam Roof Armor Systems on Monday, April 1, 2019

A new roof is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in maintaining your building, so it only makes sense to protect it. To help explain how can a roof maintenance agreement help you do that, here are some answers to commonly asked questions:


Why does my roof need maintenance?

People tend to think that as long as their roof doesn’t leak, there’s no need for roof maintenance. This is not true. Why? Because every roof is constantly under attack from weather extremes, dirt and debris accumulation, third party damage, structural movement and even chemicals in the atmosphere. Regular maintenance is needed to detect problems when they can still be corrected easily and inexpensively.


What can damage my roof?

  • Dirt and debris

Dirt and debris can accumulate on a low-slope roof—blocking drains, impeding water drainage, and hosting plant growth. (We’ve often found trees growing on poorly maintained roofs we’ve replaced!) All these conditions hasten the degradation of your roofing system and shorten its lifespan. Regular cleaning and maintenance extends roof life and reduces repair costs.

  • Third party damage

Third party damage can result from tradesmen servicing other building systems, passersby throwing debris on the roof, or even animals.

  • Extreme weather conditions

Extreme weather can damage stacks, flashings, rooftop equipment or even the roofing system itself. When promptly detected, such damage can usually be repaired quickly and inexpensively.

Routine roof maintenance will correct minor problems like these before they escalate into major problems that may result in leakage and expensive water damage.


How much money can a Roof Maintenance Agreement save me?

Firestone Building Products and the Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress have done long-term studies that reveal building owners who have roof maintenance contracts extend their roof’s lifespan by as much as 61%, reducing their lifetime roof cost by 56%!

For example: imagine two identical 20,000 sq. ft. buildings with identical new roofing systems, costing $140,000 in total. If these roofs receive regular maintenance, the studies found these roofs could last 21 years. Without regular inspections, these same roofs lasted only about 11 years before needing to be replaced, costing the owner another $140,000 (and that’s without inflation!)

What are the benefits of roof maintenance?

The benefits of roof maintenance are clear. The owner of the well-maintained roof saves at least $118,000 on his building maintenance costs! If you add to the equation the inconvenience of leaks and the cost of drywall/ceiling repairs, as well as emergency leak repairs, the cost of not properly maintaining your roof is enormous.


Long term studies have shown that roof maintenance contracts extend a roof’s lifespan by as much as 61%, reducing their lifetime roof cost by 56%.  That’s tens of thousands of dollars!*

What will a Cozifoam Roof Maintenance Agreement Cost Me?

The annual cost of a Cozifoam Roof Maintenance Agreement can vary slightly according to the location and use of the building, its proximity to trees, the number and type of rooftop units and so on, but generally these agreements cost about
10 cents/ sq ft of roof area, with a minimum of $250 for smaller roofs. A mobilization fee may apply for outlying areas.

What services will a Cozifoam Roof Maintenance Agreement include?

The Cozifoam Roof Maintenance Agreement includes one yearly inspection of your Cozifoam spray foam roofing system, including:

  • Checking for and repairing loose flashings
  • Checking and cleaning roof drains and scuppers
  • Cleaning and removing accumulated debris
  • Checking for and repairing third party damage (i.e. damage caused by maintenance technicians (i.e. HVAC), passersby, animals)
  • Checking for and repairing damage from extreme weather
  • Provide a written report on the condition of the roof to the building owner
  • Repair or replacement of damaged areas is limited to 1% of the total roof area per year
  • The Maintenance Agreement is renewable on a yearly basis or can be prepaid for the term you desire. A 10% discount applies to prepaid Maintenance Agreements.

Why do I need a Maintenance Agreement if my roof already has a warrant?

Your Cozifoam ‘No Nonsense: If It Leaks, We’ll Fix It’ 15-year warranty is one of the most comprehensive plans in the industry, giving you real protection against defects in material or workmanship that could cause leakage on your roof within the 15-year warranty period.

Let’s use the analogy of the warranty on a new car. When you purchase a new vehicle, you can get a bumper-to-bumper comprehensive warranty. But will the Warranty cover replacing wiper blades, changing oil, or repairing damage that happens when somebody backs into you in a parking lot? Of course not!

Our Maintenance Agreements protect you against things no warranty can possibly cover: neglect, lack of reasonable maintenance, prompt repair of third party damage, and so on. Our Maintenance Agreements provide you with total peace of mind and protect your investment!

Can you provide a Maintenance Agreement for systems other than Cozifoam spray polyurethane roofing systems?

Yes, we can offer a Maintenance Agreement for virtually any low-slope or flat roofing system. The terms and conditions, of course, will vary slightly. We can provide a quote for the services we can offer after inspecting your roof. The inspection report includes pictures of what we find on your roof and a written report on its condition. There is a minimum $400 charge for this inspection, which is deducted from the cost of your first Maintenance Agreement.
Call today, start protecting your investment!

*This example is provided for illustration purposes only and is not to be taken as an indication of roof system costs or a guarantee of longevity.

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